Resident Evil Village AMD FidelityFX Performance IQ Review

May 12th, 2021

AMD has been hit-or-miss when it comes to recent game releases, and while some of their cards have the power to run the latest games at high settings, they’ve been suffering from a lack of driver optimization. (This was certainly the case with their Fury X card.) The FidelityFX benchmark is designed to give AMD a chance to showcase what their cards can really do, and the results are impressive. The R9 Nano outperforms the GTX 970 by up to 35%, the R9 Nano outperforms GTX 980 by up to 11%, and the R9 290 outperforms the GTX 770 by up to 10%.

The Resident Evil series has been a classic for a very long time. The first game came out on the original PlayStation in 1996. The most recent game, Resident Evil 0, was released in 2018. There have been many Resident Evil games made since 1996.


Resident Evil Village is a new game that just came out on the 7th. May has been published.  This game was developed and published by Capcom.  It is a single player game that also has a multiplayer mode, in the survival horror genre that is part of the Resident Evil series of games.  This edition is considered to be the main part of the series, it is the eighth main part.  This is the narrative sequel to Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard, which was released in 2017.  The game is very action oriented, but retains a survival horror style.  It has been released for Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, and XBOX ONE and X/S.  The game uses the RE engine.

Thanks to AMD and Capcom, we were given access to this game before launch, which allowed us to gather features and screenshots for this article.  This review is based on the full version of the game.

RE motor

The RE Engine, or Reach for the Moon Engine, was developed by Capcom.  It was originally developed for the game Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard and has since been used in many other games.  Some of the best known games are Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil : Resistance, Monster Hunter Rise, Village, of course, and Resident Evil RE: Pour.

New to Resident Evil Village are several new AMD FidelityFX graphics features.  These graphics features work on AMD and NVIDIA graphics processors.  In this game you will find AMD FidelityFX CAS, FidelityFX Ambient Occlusion CACAO.  You will also find variable shadows, contact shadows and ray tracing.

AMD FidelityFX

AMD FidelityFX SPD

RDNA-optimized SPD uses asynchronous computation to speed up texture mapping for more efficient post-processing.  This speeds up game effects, such as flowers and reflections on the screen, without slowing down the frame rate.

AMD FidelityFX CAS

FidelityFX CAS stands for Contrast Adaptive Sharpening.  This feature is hardware independent, meaning it works with both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.  In the game you have the option to turn this feature on or off.  Adaptive Contrast Enhancement improves image quality in low-contrast areas by increasing image sharpness and by sharpening images softened by post-processing functions such as TAA.  This game uses TAA.  Basically, it should make your textures a little sharper when you use TAA, which can sometimes cause a little blur.


In this game, you have three options for ambient occlusion: Out, SSAO and CACAO.  This particular CACAO option is the AMD FidelityFX option.  This is another hardware-independent feature, meaning it works on both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.  However, it is optimized for performance on GPUs with the RDNA architecture.  CACAO stands for Combined Adaptive Compute Ambient Occlusion.  You can read more about it in this PDF file. It efficiently and accurately renders ambient lighting and creates realistic shadows and lighting for deep shadows, saving resources for other functions.  This ambient occlusion method uses an adaptive method for shadow depth and object quality.

Variable shading

Variable shading is another feature now supported by the RDNA 2 architecture.  VRS analyzes the brightness and motion of images to optimize the rendering for optimal performance.  It is claimed that it does not reduce the image quality, but when used in this game it did, and drastically so.  VRS is not an AMD-only feature, NVIDIA also supports it in its Turning architecture, and it is described very well here.

Radius tracing

That’s right, Resident Evil Village supports ray tracing.  It even has two separate quality settings for ray tracing.  You can change the quality level of the GI and the quality of the light reflection ray tracing.  The quality levels are respectively low, medium and high.  GI stands for Global Illumination.  The GI models how light is reflected from surfaces to other surfaces, in simple terms.  The GI and Reflection option in Resident Evil Village determines the quality of this GI and Reflection lighting.  The quality of the light reflection determines the quality of the light itself.  It adjusts the amount of reflected light by ray tracing.

Graphic parameters

When you go to the graphics settings to set the graphics options, you will notice that there are built-in presets.  You can use it to easily adjust the settings if you don’t want to dive in and adjust them manually.  Note, however, that this does not allow ray tracing.  Even the highest Max preset contains no ray tracing.  Beam tracking is a function that must be activated manually in all cases.

Here are all the parameters of the game.  Note that the Image Quality option changes the zoom factor.  If you set a higher value, it will render at a higher resolution than your monitor.  It offers better image quality, but can also adversely affect performance by rendering at a higher resolution.  The CAS option from FidelityFX only has the Off or On position.  For AA, you can only choose FXAA or FXAA+TAA, which is the best option for AA.  The maximum value of texture quality is high.

Note that the Ambient Occlusion setting is reset to Off when ray tracing is enabled.  If ray tracing is enabled, Ambient Occlusion must be set back to On.  Otherwise you will not have ambient occlusion when you enable ray tracing.  When ray tracing is disabled, the SSAO or CACAO ambient occlusion can be selected, but only when ray tracing is disabled.  When ray tracing is enabled, the only option for ambient occlusion is On.

These are the parameters of the Environmental Obfuscation.  SSAO and CACAO are only accessible when ray tracing is disabled.  When ray tracing is enabled, only the On option can be selected for this parameter.

Here are the variable shadow options.  They took a step back, took stock and set priorities. Remember, VRS is only a delivery option. Turning it off will give you the best picture quality.

These are the ray tracing levels that can be enabled: low, medium or high.  You can set GI and reflection and light reflection separately, but I’ve found it’s best to keep them both at the same level.

For the Love of Tooltips: Part 1 – Quests

May 12th, 2021

When a gamer begins a new game, but is unsure of what to do, they often look to the tooltips of HUD elements to help them understand the game. Unfortunately, tooltips can often be poorly written, and can even be left out entirely, which can lead to confusion with the game world. This tutorial series will focus on how to use clear, concise tooltips to help guide your players, and help them understand what to do instead of getting frustrated and giving up on your game.

The development of gaming technology has opened up a whole new way of interacting with a game. Instead of being passive, and depending on your own skill to progress, you can now be guided through a game with tips and hints. However, it is not only the gamer that can benefit from this, but also developers and testers. In this post we will dive into what makes a great tooltip and how it can be used well in games.

I like consistency, which is why I look at the formatting of tooltips in game. This is part 1 of 3 where I talk about how to make the tooltips in the game more consistent.

Since we’re getting a new quest type, I thought it would be a good time to classify the quest types we already have and emphasize the need to differentiate between quest types. Moreover, by creating a standard that everyone recognizes and can read more quickly, we can save space on indexes and word counts.


Main Duties: The simplest quest is one with a requirement followed by a reward. The format is available in two variants.

The most common form is that in which the achievement of a requirement or a required target results in a bonus. They are both listed under the name Quest.

The second format also has a quest where completing a requirement gives a bonus, but there is also a separate reward that gives an additional bonus after completing an individual requirement goal.

This is an example of the skill of composing the text so that it fits into the first format. The quest text and reward text should not be separated.

A remarkable talent: Note that the effect of the talent outside the quest is not included in the quest text. Rare examples of non-compliance are the elixir of burning, the bile drops and the Haidarin amulet.

# Quests that followformatting # Quests with text that can be merged
55 36

We might want to give the unfinished quests a separate name as well, with a different name. Technically, most of them are included in the quests above, but I wanted to single them out anyway.

A remarkable talent: Gall’s will must also be an unattainable quest.

Number of unused batch orders


Quests with multiple rewards: Multi-Reward Quests are quests with different rewards based on fulfilling individual steps in the requirements.

A remarkable talent: Ana’s vampiric rounds are the only quest that shouldn’t be a multi-reward quest.

The format follows the same rules as the basic quest, except that the requirement itself may not be beneficial, so it can be listed separately as a quest.

Some of these quests also have a mandatory objective that, when completed, brings all the rewards.

I would like to see a better distinction between the full prices at a glance. Possible names: All Rewards, Perfect Rewards, Total Rewards.

Number of quests with multiple rewards Number of quests with full reward
18 3


Recurring searches: These quests have the same format as the basic quests, except for the marker for reusable quests. A quest is repeatable if, even after completing the quest, progress in the quest can be lost and the requirement must be fulfilled again.

A remarkable talent: Nova’s Snipe and Rexxar’s Animal Husbandry also count as recurring quests, but are not marked as quests at all due to the frequency and rarity of the pings, respectively.

A quest is repeatable if it can be lost, so it may need to be completed multiple times per game.

Number of repeatable commands Number of tasks incorrectly marked as repeatable
9 8

A special talent: The phylacteries of Kel’tuzada

This gif is a bit of a formatting nightmare, but I’ll present it here. This talent comes in different categories. It’s currently set up as a basic quest, but can be recurring and, as you’ll see in Part 2, talent-activated and rechargeable. It can be formatted in at least 4 different ways.

I’m not suggesting changing it just to make it reproducible.


Existing quest rewards: There are several talents that list additional requirements or bonuses for a quest that is already part of the hero’s core set.

Since the Nazeebos trek is already a quest, these stacking requirements are an added reward. This talent is the only example that exists.

There are very few examples of this, and the talents of Kel’tuzzad and Azmo’s Pride are not even mentioned as quests.

  • Nazebo: The thing with the deep, nasty infection.
  • Azmodan: Greed, pride, gluttony, anger.
  • Kel’tuzad: Land of fog, misty frost, thorny chains


Thank you, the second part will be about active and passive text.

Looking for games for your PC? Here are all the new PC games you can expect in 2021.

Game releases for the PlayStation 4 won’t slow down in 2021. Here is everything you have to look forward to.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about all botw side quests checklist and let us know what you think.

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How to Protect Your Server

May 10th, 2021

You’ve built your own server! You’re ready to go live with a web or game server that you and your buddies can play on whenever you want. However, you’re not ready to be hit with a DDoS attack that knocks your server offline, or worse, gets you and your friends banned from the game/site you’re trying to play on. Protecting a server is as easy as these 5 steps:

Wanna protect your server from getting attacked? Use a bunch of different ways, here is the list of the top 5.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most common security issues facing businesses and individuals today. Although they have been a major threat for decades, these attacks have become more numerous in recent years. Its intensity is also increasing, resulting in significant losses even for the best protected companies.

Although DDoS attacks can vary significantly from situation to situation, these incidents are based on the concept of bandwidth limitation. It usually involves sending multiple requests that disrupt the optimal operation of websites. In some cases this is accompanied by a ransom demand, whereby the perpetrators only cease their actions after paying an exorbitant sum. These attacks can be dangerous even without ransomware, as they can cause significant downtime and irreversible reputational damage.

In today’s threat-driven digital environment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a DDoS attack. Preventive measures may seem pointless given the number of large companies that have already fallen victim to attacks. In reality, basic measures can keep most hackers at bay or at least optimize your response to limit the damage. To combat this growing threat, the following DDoS prevention strategies should be followed:

Choose a server with built-in DDoS protection

The choice of server can play an important role in determining your vulnerability to DDoS attacks. Many dedicated servers are equipped with a wide range of failure prevention services. Ideally, these offers should be included in the price of your dedicated server for free. Internal security can go further and secure your dedicated server without increasing latency.

As part of a server-based risk mitigation strategy, inbound traffic is thoroughly analyzed. If malicious traffic is detected, it can be blocked before it reaches your dedicated server. This redirects network traffic to your server to prevent disruption to authorized site visitors. Built-in safeguards do not eliminate the need for other DDoS defense measures. But it should at least give you peace of mind as you work to develop a comprehensive safety and response plan.

Understanding the warning signs

Many organizations struggle to detect DDoS attacks early on because in some situations they look like ordinary traffic bursts. It is therefore very important to understand the typical traffic fluctuations that may occur during periods of congestion or in response to a normal increase in demand. This can be compared to typical DDoS warning signals, which are:

  • Slower than normal access to local or remote files.
  • Random and prolonged traffic spikes. In most cases, a normal increase in traffic can be detected quickly and corrected just as quickly.
  • Continuing to ask questions for a long time after the time to live (TTL) has expired.
  • A sudden and excessive increase in spam.

Implementation of advanced firewalls

As a first line of defense against different types of attacks, firewalls allow you to more precisely define the types of traffic that can access your server. They are generally easy to implement and can provide complete protection of sensitive data.

Consider going beyond traditional firewalls with Web Application Firewalls (WAF) or Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW). Web application firewalls are an important shield between the Internet and vulnerable applications. However, unlike standard firewalls, WAF specifically targets HTTP traffic. They can be scaled up to provide robust protection against the most destructive DDoS attacks.

If you want an even more proactive approach, use NGFW to deploy intrusion detection and deep packet inspection capabilities. NGFWs not only provide superior protection and visibility, but also ensure consistent flow and offer the best combination of safety and performance in its class.

Review your password strategy

Password protection is important not only to mitigate DDoS attacks, but also to prevent malware and a number of general security concerns. Most people are aware of the need for strong passwords, but many dedicated server users still rely on simple words or strings of letters that are easy to crack. Password sharing between accounts is also widespread.

The simplest and most effective strategy to reduce your vulnerability to DDoS and other types of attacks is to improve your approach to passwords. At the very least, you should come up with a different password for each account that does not include common words or phrases. Try any assortment of letters, numbers and symbols.

In addition, the password must be reset regularly. If you’re having trouble keeping track of your growing collection of passwords, consider using a password manager. Many robust solutions are available as browser add-ons.

Creating a DDoS plan

What happens if your system is attacked despite your best efforts to avoid DDoS issues? Your response can determine whether the incidents result in minor or major damage. Every minute counts, so it’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Here’s how to make your plan:

  • Delegate important tasks to the response team. This team should consist of several highly qualified professionals. All members should be aware of their specific responsibilities in the event of an attack. This insight enables them to respond in a quick and orderly manner, minimizing time lost to confusion after an attack.
  • Specify how team members should be notified of potential or ongoing attacks. If your server has been compromised, you should notify the parties responsible for the problem as soon as possible.
  • Conduct regular server audits. They can help you determine whether you are adequately protected against attacks and whether you can respond quickly and effectively.

Conducting an assessment after an attack

Perhaps you’ve been the victim of an attack and are now trying to get your dedicated server and web presence back up and running. How you respond to this critical moment can determine your vulnerability to further threats. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to be exposed to multiple DDoS attacks in a short period of time. It is therefore important to learn from past mistakes and to take measures as soon as possible to avoid similar problems in the future.

If your dedicated server has protection against DDoS attacks, you can get a detailed report after the attack. Use this resource, which should include information about the target’s Internet Protocol (IP), the intensity of the attack, and the traffic flow. Based on this feedback, you can adjust your response to increase protection or improve uptime for authorized users.

The threat of DDoS attacks is more real than ever, but that doesn’t mean all hope for a secure server is lost. Through strategic server selection, basic security measures and a comprehensive contingency plan, you can get the most out of your dedicated server knowing you are prepared for all possible scenarios.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about how to secure server from hackers and let us know what you think.

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How to Engrave your Apple Products [Guide]

May 9th, 2021

Now, you have decided to make your own Apple product engraved, and you have come to the right place. Here you will learn how to etch your own products for your own use or for others, such as giving it as a gift.

If you’re tired of looking at the same boring white, silver or space gray color of your computer, you might want to change it up for something a bit more unique. If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you’re in luck, because there’s a quick and easy way to give your Apple a custom look. This process is called engraving, and it allows you to transform your Apple device into a unique work of art.

All Apple devices are unique in their own way. Whether it’s iPads, AirPods, or even the new AirTags. Although these devices are expensive, they have a certain value and last quite a long time. There are many ways to customize your devices. You can get a new skin, screen and body protection, or maybe just a bumper shell. These protective covers vary in price, they can be quite cheap or almost insanely expensive.

If you think about it, Apple seems to be the only brand that allows its customers to burn their devices for free. In this article, I will explain how to get an engraving on Apple products.

The best and probably easiest way to personalize free Apple products is to use the free engraving option when purchasing an Apple product on the Apple website itself. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of burning the device.


  • Customization: the only reason you want your device to look an order of magnitude better than other devices, and it can be done for free.
  • Avoid confusion: If you have a group of friends who have the same devices as you, sometimes the services get confused. A small identifying mark prevents confusion.


  • Slow delivery of devices : Since your device will be engraved, you can expect it to arrive a few days later than the original shipping date.
  • Resale Value : Any device that has scratches or scuffs will lose its value. The same goes for engraved devices. No one would want to buy a device with someone else’s identity.

engraving on iPad, AirPods, AirTags on Apple

  • Visit the Apple website.
  • Find the product you want to buy. Only iPods, iPads, AirTags, AirPods and Apple Pencil can be burned.
  • After selecting the product color and memory option, you will see a free burning option.
  • Select it and you can add emoji, letters and numbers. Note that each device accepts a limited number of characters.
  • Then add the item to the bag, enter your details and make the payment. Your Apple device will now be engraved and shipped within a few days.

You can choose from 30 emoji, 50 numbers in black and 30 in white. The same goes for the alphabets: 26 black and 26 white. Here you can see how many characters can be engraved on each device.

  • iPod : You can engrave up to 12 characters on two lines, for a total of 24 characters. If you enter letters without spaces, you can use about 27 characters.
  • Apple Pencil: Easily place up to 10 emoji and 18 alphabets without spaces.
  • AirPods: up to 16 emoji without spaces and about 20 alphabets without spaces.
  • iPad: up to 15 emoji on the first and second line and 32 alphabets without spaces on each line.


So, if you plan to keep your device until your last breath, take advantage of the free engraving options as you can customize it even further. However, if you plan to sell or trade your device in the next two years, I would recommend not burning it.

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Also, do you think other brands should offer free branding options, like Apple does? Let us know in the comments. Share this article with your friends too.

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This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about how to engrave airpods after purchase and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you engrave Apple products after purchase?

If you’ve ever held an Apple Pencil, you’ll agree that it’s the most advanced stylus ever created. It’s impressive that Apple managed to pack so many features into such a tiny package. However, it can be difficult to find the right case for the Pencil. Some of Apple’s best leather cases are too snug to allow the Pencil to fit inside, and some pencil cases don’t offer enough protection for the Pencil’s fragile tip. So, what are your options for protecting the Apple Pencil, and where can you buy a custom engraving for the Pencil? Apple pencil engraving has become a popular hobby over the last few years, with the rise of laser technology. More and more people are looking to get their Apple pencil engraved after purchase, either with their name or with a custom design. The process is relatively simple, and also relatively inexpensive, but since Apple products have their name engraved into the devices, they can’t be engraved again. If you aren’t sure what to get engraved onto your Apple pencil, have a look at the suggestions below.

Should you engrave Apple products?

If you have a lot of cash to spare, you may be wondering if you should engrave Apple products. After all, whatever you engrave on a product is going to be with you for a long time, and it’s going to be made out of a material that will make it’s presence known. But whether it’s worth doing or not is a matter of perspective. Apple products are by no means cheap. This is why it’s wise to consider getting the Apple Accessories engraving service for your Apple accessories. It’s a great way to maximize the resale value of your accessories. You can find some of our engraved products here:

Does Apple do free engraving in store?

Yes, Apple does free engraving in store for all Apple Pencil orders. However, they can only engrave the rear of the pencil, not the side. To see what engraving is available, visit the Apple website and look at the different design options available. If you have any questions, reach out to us on Facebook. Apple’s products are known for their sleek, minimalist designs, but the company’s highly-polished exterior hides a few surprises. For example, if you take your Apple Pencil to the Apple Store, you can get your name engraved on it. You can also get the date you purchased the Pencil, but that’s it—no other engravings.

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FIFA 21: How to complete Showdown Rodrygo vs Luuk de Jong SBC –Requirements and solutions

May 9th, 2021

What are SBCs? SBCs are P2P ( player to player) challenges that can be found on the Squad Building Challenges menu within the FIFA FUT (Ultimate Team) mode. These challenges are basically sets of tasks that you need to complete in order to receive rewards (packs, coins). They require you to have a certain number of players from one specific league or from one specific club or from one specific nationality. The ‘Showdown’ Rodrygo vs Luuk de Jong SBC can be found in the Featured tab under ‘Squad Challenges’ and it requires you to have two players from Brazil and one player from the following leagues: Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy or England (75+ rated). ~~

It has been quite some time since we have covered FIFA 21 SBCs on this blog, but we are back in business and will be posting a series of SBC guides. The featured SBCs in this post are the Rodrygo vs Luuk de Jong SBC and the Neymar vs Mbappe SBC. We will look at Showdown Rodrygo vs Luuk de Jong SBC first as it is a lot easier than the Neymar vs Mbappe SBC.

The seventh. In May, EA Sports added a new Showdown SBC game to FIFA 21. This time it’s a match between Rodrigo of Real Madrid and Luc de Jong of Sevilla. Depends on how the game goes at 9. The may pass, one or both players are promoted. So if a team wins, that player gets a +2 increase, but if the game ends in a tie, both players get +1 for their OVR. This is one of the most interesting SBC sets EA makes. The following describes what you need to do to unlock the two cards.

To complete the two SBCs, players must form four separate groups of 11 players each. Two of those are for Rodrigo with a score of 89 OVR and two are for Luuk de Jong with a score of 90 OVR.

Here are the requirements for the SBC Rodrygo:


Screenshot of Gampur

Real Madrid

  • Novice player – 11
  • Real Madrid players – min. 1
  • Overall team classification – min. 84
  • Teambuilding – min. 75
  • Reward – Acquire premium players on Electrum

Screenshot of Gampur

La Liga

  • Novice player – 11
  • La Liga Santander players – min. 1
  • Total team ranking – min. 86
  • Teambuilding – min. 65
  • Price – Premium Gold Player Package

Screenshot of Gampur

And here are the demands of Luuk de Jong:

Screenshot of Gampur

Sevilla FC

  • Novice player – 11
  • Players of Sevilla FC – min. 1
  • Overall team classification – min. 84
  • Teambuilding – min. 80
  • The prize is a gigantic bag of gold

Screenshot of Gampur

La Liga

  • Novice player – 11
  • La Liga Santander players – min. 1
  • Team Player of the Week – min. 1
  • Overall team classification – min. 85
  • Teambuilding – min. 70
  • The reward is a set of prizes for mixed players

Screenshot of Gampur


Luuk de Jong’s card is currently worth around 130,000 coins, while Rodrigo’s is slightly more expensive at 175,000 coins. None of the players will amaze you, but since you can buy many players cheaply during the team’s season, you can end their careers with relative ease. If you need help with your lineup, here are some teams for both players:


Real Madrid

  • LW: GC Martin Dubravka (83 OVR)
  • ST : ST Raul Jimenez (84 OVR)
  • RW: RW Gareth Bale (83 OVR).
  • CM: CM Allan (83 OVR)
  • CM: CAM Martin Odegaard (83 OVR)
  • CDM: CM Joao Moutinho (83 OVR)
  • LB: LB Marcelo (83 OVR)
  • CB: CB Thiago Silva (85 OVR)
  • CB: GC Rui Patriciu (84 OVR)
  • RB: CAM Hakim Ziyech (85 OVR)
  • GC: GC Kasper Schmeichel (84 OVR)

La Liga

  • ST : ST Antoine Griezmann (87 OVR)
  • CAM : CM Coke (85 OVR)
  • CAM : CAM Isco (84 OVR)
  • CAM : CM Luka Modric (87 OVR)
  • CDM: CDM Sergio Busquets (87 OVR)
  • CDM: GC Martin Dubravka (83 OVR)
  • LB: LB Grimaldo (84 OVR)
  • CB: GC Aitor (83 OVR)
  • CB: RW Gareth Bale (83 OVR).
  • RB: GC Keylor Navas (87 OVR)
  • GC: HC Hugo Llauris (87 OVR)

Luuk de Jong

Sevilla FC

  • LW: GC Aitor (83 OVR)
  • ST : ST Raul Jimenez (84 OVR)
  • RW: RW Gareth Bale (83 OVR).
  • CM: SM Saul (84 OVR)
  • CM: CM Joao Moutinho (83 OVR)
  • CM: CAM Martin Odegaard (83 OVR)
  • LB: LB Marcos Acuna (83 OVR)
  • CB: GC Rui Patriciu (84 OVR)
  • CB: CB Thiago Silva (85 OVR)
  • RB: RB Ricardo Pereira (85 OVR)
  • GC: GC Martin Dubravka (83 OVR)

La Liga

  • ST : CF Roberto Firmino (87 OVR)
  • LM: CM Renato Augusto (83 OVR)
  • CM: CAM Oscar (83 OVR)
  • CM: CDM Fabinho (87 OVR)
  • CM: CM Joao Moutinho (83 OVR)
  • RM : RW Gareth Bale (83 OVR).
  • LB: LB Alex Sandro (85 OVR)
  • CB: CB Francesco Acerbi (83 OVR)
  • CB: GC Aitor (83 OVR)
  • RB: GC Rui Patriciu (84 OVR)
  • GC: GK TOTW Andrea Consigli (86 OVR)

Information about the FUTBIN card. This action takes place on the 9th. In May.

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What is a Lockout? –

May 6th, 2021

A lockout is a penalty in sports such as hockey and American football where athletes are temporarily suspended from competition for violating the rules of the sport or for committing illegal or unsportsmanlike acts.

A lockout is a short period of time in which a player is not allowed to play in a game. The most common lockout is a player is not allowed to play in a game for five minutes, as a punishment for leaving a game in progress. A player also can be penalized for a longer period of time, or even permanently.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the lock is a system that prevents you from regaining access to certain content or items (or loot). It remains in effect until a certain time has passed before you can access that content again.

This may seem disappointing.

But before we get too excited, it’s worth looking at it from a developer’s point of view. MMO players are known to be rather hardcore gamers.

If you leave them to their own devices, they will do everything they need to do in a few days and then complain that they have nothing to do!

But all kidding aside, I can look at it from both sides. Blocking allows you to play longer. And that’s probably Square Enix’s goal.

Raiden and the Toaststones are the main sources of locked content in Final Fantasy XIV.

Let’s start with the raids, as this is the hardest content in the entire game.

FFXIV Raid Blocker

In eight- and twenty-four-player raids, you are limited to one item per fight per week.

The point is that the most hardcore raiders won’t get the best gear currently available in a day. Because, let’s face it, that’s exactly what they would do.

Eight-man raids usually have four fights at the exit.

This way you can earn one item per pattern.

The best strategy is usually to discuss the loot ahead of time to decide who gets what. This way you avoid a lot of conflict, assuming you actually killed the bad guy.

The idea behind the lockout is that the parties discuss what each participant will receive and they alternate weeks.

Of course, it also depends on the RNG. Sometimes you’re just unlucky.

The 24-person raids work in much the same way. The only difference is that there are three bosses.

If my calculations are correct, each boss drops two items, so there are more items dropped per twenty-four in these raids.

You should note that there is one item per raid of twenty-four people. Because of the annoying RNG, you have to choose wisely.

Looking for the gloves that just fell off? Or do you abandon them and try to get a box later that might not fall at all?

image source u/Meekdeezy / © SQUARE ENIX CO, LTD. All rights reserved.

FFXIV Tomestone Locks

The game also has a slot to get gems every week.

You see, rocks are a powerful source of equipment for casual players. That’s why most players use them every time there are new gems to get new equipment.

This is the easiest, but most time consuming way to get the best quality equipment.

You earn gems by completing dungeons, raids, challenges, and even PvP. And you can earn up to 450 a week.

Most equipment can be purchased with less than 450 bricks. The chest piece and pants are not included. They’ll cost you a little less than the equivalent of two weeks’ worth of books.

The point is that you can’t get them in a week because they increase your stats the most.

Lock assignment

Blocking replay of these two contents is necessary to prevent players from reaching the final ilvl cap in a single day.

This is Square-Enix’s way of keeping things fair for both casual and hardcore gamers.

There are other types of blocking in play, but they are not as important. They are usually designed for small things.

But to give you an idea, there are also blockbusters here for Mini Cactpot Tickets in the Golden Dish, Quest of the Beastly Tribe, Retainer Ventures, Big Company spreads, Adventurer Squadron and Treasure Hunt.

They all run on day clocks. That way, you can run them for a certain amount of time each day.

Or in some cases, like roulette, you can do them as many times as you like – but you won’t be fully rewarded every time.

Then there’s the content that you can only do every week or be rewarded for once a week. This category includes raids and Toastmasters.

There are also custom supplies, a call log, wonder tails, Linden Hollow, Cactus Jumbo, a fashion shoot, a hunt and a carnival in masks…..

There’s a lot to do in FFXIV, so you probably won’t get bored often, even if you’re stuck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legal lockout?

A legal lockout is a lockout that is ordered by a judge, and is the legal consequence of a certain behavior. For example, if a judge rules that a person has violated the terms of a contract or a will, the judge can order a legal lockout that prevents that person from accessing their bank accounts or a will that prevents them from accessing the inheritance. Similarly, if a person commits a crime, the court can order a legal lockout that prevents them from accessing their social media or email accounts. A legal lockout is a restriction placed on your account after you have committed an offense of some kind. Usually, this offense is a violation of the terms of service, or the rules of a game. In some cases, it may also be a breach of contract. Whatever the case, the offending person or group has placed his or her account into a status where it is unavailable to them for any purpose. They may not log in, for any reason.

What is a lockout in school?

A lockout is a punishment issued by the IT department or your school’s administration that blocks you from accessing the school’s computers or the internet for a period of time. Technically, it’s called a “computer and network usage policy” or “acceptable use policy” violation. But it’s really just a fancy way of saying “you were caught doing something you weren’t supposed to, so you’re not allowed to use the computers or the internet for a period of time.” The length of the lockout can range from 1 day to a few weeks to even a permanent ban. A lockout is the prevention of access to a venue or building by locking the door, for whatever reason. Although the term lockout has been used to refer to any type of workplace strike action, it is most commonly used in North American sports to refer to the suspension of a player or coach for disciplinary reasons.

What is the meaning of lockout in business?

There are many different types of lockouts and lockdowns in business. Some lockouts are for when a workplace is unsafe or is being renovated and must be closed to the public. This is often called a fire or construction lockout. Lockdowns occur when a company is under attack, whether that is a robbery or a mass shooter. A real-life lockdown based on a fire occurred in 2009, when a deadly fire broke out at a restaurant in Toronto. Employees along with customers were asked to stay in place and hide under the tables by police and managers who were on the scene. The restaurant was a two-story building, so all of the employees and customers were able to hide under the tables on the upper level of the establishment. This prevented injury The lockout (or lockout period) is a period of time in which a team is prohibited from signing new contracts or players, or otherwise changing the structure of their team. This is to prevent teams from signing all the best players, and making it impossible for anyone else to compete with them in the future. Lockouts also prevent players from leaving a team, which would upset an already established team dynamic, and in some cases, it is required to prevent a team from being destroyed by a player leaving and taking all of that team’s talent with him. The actual length of the lockout is decided by the commissioner. This can vary from one season to the next.

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What is HVAC? How does it work?

May 3rd, 2021

There are many components that work together to keep your home comfortable. Whether you live in a house or apartment, you will likely take comfort in air conditioning and heating systems. Here are the basics behind these systems: How do heating and air conditioning systems work? These systems provide temperature control, so that your home is neither too hot or too cold. Heating systems warm your home in winter and cooling systems cool your home in summer. The heating system uses a furnace (or boiler), which burns fuel to heat water, which in turn, provides heat to the house. Air conditioning works in a similar fashion. It uses a compressor to pump refrigerant through coils in the cooling system. The coils act like a radiator, removing heat from the air

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC is the technology in your home or workspace that keeps it at the right temperature, makes sure you have fresh air to breathe, and prevents your home or workspace from getting too humid or too dry.

Ventilation and cooling systems are an important part of modern architecture and an integral part of our buildings. Available in all shapes, sizes and capacities, they allow you to create a controlled environment inside.

In this article, we are going to talk about HVAC systems, what they are and how they work.

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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These systems provide heating, cooling and air quality control in a wide range of buildings, from homes and commercial buildings to submarines.

Starting with the heating elements, which are usually related to the furnace or water heater. It may include a piping system for transporting the heat transfer fluid if the system is used with forced ventilation.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular with any new construction, as they use fresh outdoor air to ensure high indoor air quality. This is done by the ventilation part of the system, which continuously replaces the indoor air with fresh outdoor air after filtering out moisture, dust, smoke, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide and other gases that need to be removed.

That last part is just air conditioning, as we all thought. It can adjust the air temperature according to the outdoor temperature and make the indoor environment hot or cold according to the system setting.

Here are some of the most common conditions that HVAC systems are used for.

  • Factories and other industrial buildings.
  • Skyscrapers/apartment buildings.
  • Office building
  • Educational institutions.
  • Submarines or other large vehicles that require special air conditioning inside.

The HVAC system does more than just cool or heat the air and filter out unwanted elements. They aim to improve the air quality and comfort of the building’s occupants. These systems come in a wide variety of designs, but all have the same basic elements and functions.

The system starts by drawing in fresh air, either from outside or from within the building. This process takes place in two different ways.

  • Natural ventilation : It is present in most homes and depends on the typical movement of air in and out of windows, doors, vents and other openings.
  • Mechanical ventilation : This process is used in most modern buildings, which are much tighter than the average house. The system uses air ducts to let air in and out, and filters to remove dust particles, bacteria, allergens and other particles.

The air is then heated or cooled to remove excess moisture. The temperature change also doubles the alternating current component, as we already know.

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Someone who writes, edits, films, presents technology programs and races virtual machines in their spare time. You can contact Yadullah at [email protected] or follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an HVAC system work?

HVAC systems are used in homes, businesses, and many other places to provide comfort and control the indoor temperature. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, but not all HVAC systems are the same. A diagram of a simple HVAC system is shown below. HVAC systems are made up of a number of parts. The HVAC system has a number of major components. The HVAC system is the heart of every modern building. Without it, the building would be uncomfortable, and potentially unhealthy for its occupants. The HVAC system is a network of devices designed to maintain the temperature and air quality inside the building. The controls that operate this system are described as its brain and can be thought of as a large circuit board with thousands of inputs and outputs. The HVAC system can be broken into three components: the air handler, or the mechanical part of the system, the distribution system, or how the air is delivered throughout the building, and the controls, or the brain of the HVAC system. The controls are designed to do several things (and they can be done with an air

What are the basics of HVAC?

HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning”. This system allows you to control the temperature and humidity of any given building. The technology is very complex, which is why it’s not uncommon to have an HVAC technician come to your home or office. This is because there are many different factors that go into making the HVAC system as efficient as possible. These different factors include the ductwork, the installation, and the design of your HVAC system. HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” It can be thought of as a system that provides comfort through thermal control, air quality, and humidity control. Since each of these three factors has a substantial influence on our comfort level, it comes as no surprise that HVAC systems are becoming more complex, especially as we build more energy efficient buildings. The diagram to the left shows the standard HVAC system that most of us are familiar with. It includes an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. To understand how it works, let’s look at the indoor unit.

What is difference between HVAC and AC?

Both air conditioning (AC) and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems help regulate indoor air temperatures in homes and businesses. However, they differ in a number of ways. HVAC systems are generally larger than AC units and both use mechanical and chemical means to control indoor temperatures—but there are some important differences. AC units are intended to cool indoor spaces quickly, although they can also function as dehumidifiers. HVAC systems, on the other hand, are designed to keep indoor spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter. HVAC systems include mechanisms to regulate humidity, as well as devices to control airflow and air filtration. You’re probably reading this article to find out the difference between HVAC and air conditioning. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Whereas air conditioning is a type of HVAC. So, what is the difference between HVAC and AC? Air conditioning is one of the methods of cooling a property, vehicle, or other enclosed space. It involves the circulation of a gas, most commonly a refrigerant like Freon, through a system of pipes located inside the property, the system then removes heat from the property through the cooling coils.

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Windows 8.1 update not working [Full Guide]

May 3rd, 2021

This guide was written because Windows 8.1 Update NOT working is a common complaint. We are aiming to provide you with a number of steps to try and diagnose the problem. It is a long guide, but we’ve tried to group together similar issues to save you time. We have also included some background information, to give you an understanding of why certain Windows Update issues may occur. This information is in the form of a Q&A – if you have any further questions, please leave a comment at the end of the guide.

As many of you know, Microsoft released a major software update for Windows 8.1 users in mid April that let you boot directly to the desktop and gave users options to use the traditional windows start menu or a new start screen. However, the update has been very buggy with many users complaining that the update isn’t working.

One of the most common reasons why this error code appears and Windows does not update is insufficient free disk space.

This article will tell you how to easily fix a Windows 8.1 update if it doesn’t work, so read on.

How do I fix a Windows 8.1 update if it doesn’t work?

1. Rename backup folders for software distribution

  1. Press the Windows key and type cmd.
  2. Right-click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator.
  3. Then type the following commands and press Enter:
    net stop cryptsvc
    net stop bits
    net stop wuauserv
    run %systemroot%softwaredistribution softwaredistribution.bak
    run %systemroot%system32catroot2 catroot2.bak
    net start cryptsvc
    net start bits
    net start wuauserv
  4. Shut down the computer and restart the unit.
  5. Check the Windows updates again to see if it works now.

This is a way to fix a Windows 8.1 update if it doesn’t work. You can also use a Windows Update reset script to achieve the same result more quickly.

2. Download the latest updates for thepackage

  1. Press Windows + R and go to the Control Panel. Press Enter or OK.
  2. Then go to Windows Update and select Change settings.
  3. Set the update parameters to Never and select OK.
  4. Restart the device.
  5. Download the following update KB4524445.
  6. After the installation on the device, go back to the Change Windows Update Settings option.
  7. Choose Automatic updates.
  8. Press OK and restart the device.

This is a simple solution that can help you if the Windows 8.1 update doesn’t work, so try it.

3. Troubleshooting Windows problemsCorrupting files

  1. Type cmd in the search box.
  2. Right-click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator.
  3. Type the following commands and press Enter:
    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  4. When the DISM check is complete, run the following command:
    sfc /scannow
  5. Then close the command line and run Windows Update again.

If the Windows 8.1 update does not work, your file may be corrupted. However, you should be able to resolve them with DISM and SFC analysis.

4. Make sure you have enough space

  1. Open File Explorer and go to This PC.
  2. Under Devices and Drivers, check the remaining space for drivers.

A 32-bit device requires at least 16 GB of free memory, and a 64-bit device requires 20 GB. So make sure you have enough storage space on your device.

You can free up space on your device by deleting files and folders you no longer need, and even by uninstalling applications you no longer use.

Using a dedicated tool is the easiest and most reliable way to free up space on your device and ensure that you don’t accidentally delete important files.


With this fantastic tool, you can clean up your PC in minutes while maintaining the privacy of your device.

With this last sentence we conclude our article. Hopefully, one of the solutions in this article will help you solve the problem of Windows 8.1 update not working.

If you have any other recommendations or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Windows 8.1 update keep failing?

Ever since Microsoft released its first update to Windows 8.1 in August 2014, it has been plagued with a reputation for being troublesome, with many users reporting that their computers’ performance was severely hampered by the update. Indeed, the number of users who claim to be victims of this problem is so high that it made it to the mainstream news. The real problem with this update is that it is hard to identify exactly what causes it to fail, and Microsoft’s advice to users has not always been helpful. A lot of Windows 8.1 users have been complaining about their machines failing to update to the next version of the operating system. If you have experienced this problem, or are wondering how to fix it, you’ve come to the right place.

How do I fix a stuck Windows 8.1 update?

It’s hard to keep an operating system in tip-top shape, but Microsoft has made it difficult to roll back buggy updates, too. If you’re struggling with a Windows 8.1 update that won’t install or uninstall correctly, here’s how to roll it back to a previous version and fix the problem. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be addressing problems with updating Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update, since the problems are similar. However, if you’re having problems with any other version of Windows, including Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, the steps are almost exactly the same. Windows 8.1 is a big update from Windows 8. There are a lot of new features that will be covered in this post, but the most important is that you can now boot to the desktop instead of the start screen! A lot of users have reported issues with the Windows 8.1 update, so we’ve covered some of the most common problems and provided some solutions.

How do I force Windows 8.1 to update?

It seems like a lot of Windows 8.1 users have been having trouble with the operating system’s update service. If you were one of these users, you might be pleased to learn that Microsoft has finally taken action and provided an online fix. Of course, it’s up to you whether you want to use the official (and slightly convoluted) method or use the manual approach that’s been around for a while now. Unfortunately, Windows 8.1 users aren’t getting automatic updates to the newest major version of the operating system. Instead, Microsoft is forcing us to download the large updates manually on our own time.

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