0x800704DD-0x90016 install error on Windows 10

These days, Windows 10 makes it easy to install and uninstall programs. So, why then is there an error code that’s preventing you from uninstalling a program?  The answer lies in the software itself, which usually hides an uninstaller somewhere in its folder.  You’ll need to find the application or its folder, and then run the uninstaller.  However, some programs make it difficult to uninstall them.  Some applications and games include a malicious feature that makes you unable to uninstall them.  If that’s the case, then you’ll need to take extra steps to uninstall a program.

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When you run a .msi file through the Windows 10 setup, and it fails, the setup log will contain the error code 0x800704DD-0x90016. This error code can also be seen in the Windows 10 Windows Update log. The error message gives no information about what went wrong during installation, but it is often caused by incompatible third-party software running in the background.. Read more about microsoft 10 and let us know what you think.

Solution 3 – Deactivate/install antivirus software

A good antivirus program is very important, but sometimes your antivirus program can interfere with the installation of Windows 10 and cause error 00704DD- 0016. Your antivirus software does not allow certain applications to modify system files, which causes this problem. To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you disable antivirus before trying to install Windows 10. If deactivating the antivirus does not work, it is recommended to remove the antivirus completely and try to install it again. To ensure that your antivirus program is completely removed, download and run the specific removal utility for your antivirus program. After uninstalling the antivirus, you can try reinstalling Windows 10. The error 00704DD- 0016 should then no longer occur. Once you have successfully completed the installation process, you should consider installing a new antivirus program on your PC. Bitdefender offers the best protection on the market and is fully compatible with Windows 10, which will not affect your system in any way. If you are looking for a good, reliable antivirus program, Bitdefender might be for you.

Solution 4 – Disconnect unnecessary USB devices

If you get error 00704DD- 0016 when trying to install Windows 10, your USB devices may be the cause of the problem. Some USB devices, such as external hard drives and memory card readers, can sometimes interfere with the installation of Windows 10. For a smooth installation process, we strongly recommend that you turn off all USB devices except the keyboard and mouse, and the installation media. After disconnecting all USB devices, you should not experience any more problems.

Solution5 – Perform a clean start

Third-party apps can sometimes interfere with the installation of Windows 10. If you still get 00704DD- 0016, you should try disabling applications and startup services. It’s pretty easy to do, and you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Press Windows key + R, type msconfig and press OK or press Enter.
  2. Now go to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager.
  3. After you have disabled the startup applications, return to the System Configuration window. Now press Apply and OK to save the changes and restart the computer.
  4. Select Troubleshooting from the menu on the left. Select Windows Update from the list and click Run Troubleshooter .

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