13 Ways to Build a Happy & More Productive Workforce

So you’ve been asked to be on your company’s strategic planning committee – what do you do? You can’t just plop down a chair and leave it at that. Nice work, but what else? There are many things you can do to work your way into the hearts and minds of the team. You can create a clear vision of the place you want to be going, and the people you want to be there. You can also ask yourself: “What would I like to see happen in our company in three to five years?”

You may have heard the term “Millennials” but what does the term really mean? This generation is made up of some of the largest groups of people in the world. The most famous millennials are those born about 1980. This group came of age when the Internet was in its infancy and computers were still seen as nerdy, expensive, analog devices.

According to statistics, the productivity of a happy employee is 31% higher than that of a sad and unhappy employee. Based on these statistics, this infographic from Wrike presents 13 effective ideas to keep employees happy and productive. These are ideas that help create an atmosphere of fun and positivity in any organization.

Infographic provided free of charge by Wrike online project management software

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