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Biomutant is the next open world, post-apocalyptic action-RPG from developer Experiment 101, which is known for the Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. The game is set in a world where nature, in all its majesty, has clawed its way back from the brink of extinction. In this peculiar world of mutated animals, plants, and fungi, you will discover a colorful and vibrant world, replete with strange creatures and a cast of characters to interact with.

The Biomutant has always been a bit of a confused character, but now that the game is getting a standalone release, the question of whether to play as a good or evil character is more present than ever. The game’s own developers have been unable to decide yet, and are asking players to choose whether the furry little critter should be a hero or a villain. What is the right choice? On the one hand, playing as a hero is always more fun, as you get to play as a character with a sense of honor and integrity, but on the other hand, the game is about killing people after all.

word-image-11251 It doesn’t take long for a biomutant to make a seemingly serious decision. You will first be asked to choose between dark red and light blue. The narrator describes this place as a crossroads, and while he is not mistaken, your first choice is not locked into a group or aura, as it is called in the game. Dark red represents strength and , and light blue represents freedom and loyalty, so it all depends on whether you want to play the biomutant – nice or nasty. Whatever you choose will push your aura in a certain direction, but it’s really unimportant in the overall scheme of things.

Dark red or light blue Biomutant

word-image-11252 word-image-11253 So, does choosing the light or dark path biomutant change the outcome of the game? The simple answer is that it is possible. The moral choices you make during the biomutant game affect your aura much more than those dark red or light blue choices. If you later decide it’s better to go another way, you can do so. You get to decide the fate of the little creatures you catch and the pilgrims you rescue. The dialogue and tribe you choose also play a role in your direction in Biomutant and determine how good or bad you are. Unfortunately, your attitude towards morality doesn’t affect many aspects of the world, but it does affect the ending you get, and the characters you can win over to your cause after a certain point in the main quest. Some psi forces are also locked behind a certain aura. For example, a character who leans heavily towards the dark side and neglects the light side will not have access to the Levitation power. The NPCs you meet will also have a dialogue about your current disposition, but that’s about it. In summary, when choosing between dark red and light blue biomutants, don’t rely on your intuition because it won’t make much difference in the long run. If you need more help with your first Experience 101 game, check out our guide to creating characters. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.

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