Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22000.65 (KB5004745)

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released in August 2016. The latest version is Build 16299.98 (with the build number 22000.65), which came out earlier this week.

Microsoft released Windows build 22000.65 (KB5004745) for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring for the first six months of release of Windows 11. The release is part of the Windows Insider Program. Windows build 22000.65 (KB5004745) is for the Windows RT 8.1 Preview. The build is now available for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring for the first six months of release of Windows 11. If you are a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring then you can try out Windows Build 22000.65 (KB5004745).

Microsoft today released a cumulative update for Windows 11, KB5004745, which updates the operating system to version 22000.65. While this is a cumulative update with a slight change in version number, it brings many new features, fixes and improvements for Dev Channel Insiders.

To get this update, open the Settings app (press Win + I) and go to Settings > Windows Update. Click on the Check for updates button. This allows you to install build 22000.65, in addition to the previously released build 22000.55.

Here’s what’s new in the Windows 11 Insider Preview version 22000.65.

New functions

  • With version 22000.65, Microsoft updated the start menu. It now has a search box to help you quickly find applications and documents.
  • In a multi-monitor configuration, the taskbar can be displayed on any monitor.
  • The power mode settings appear in the Settings application.
  • The File Explorer application now displays Run with PowerShell in the context menu for *.ps1 files without hiding it behind the Show More Options option.
  • Also, the desktop context menu now includes the Refresh command, which is immediately available.
  • New layout for small screens in portrait mode. You can now choose to link three applications together instead of four quadrants.
  • New design for the warning boxes that z. B. indicate that the battery is low.
  • The GIF selection is now available to Windows Insiders in China via the emoji panel (WIN + .).
  • Right-clicking the volume icon in the taskbar now solves audio problems.


The official changelog lists the following list of fixes.

  • We have fixed a remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service known as PrintNightmare, documented in CVE-2021-34527. For more information, see KB5004945.
  • Taskbar :
    • We’ve fixed an issue that was making it impossible to click the Show Desktop button with the mouse at the edge of the taskbar.
    • We have fixed an issue where the date and time in the taskbar did not display the desired notation.
    • Fixed an issue where the preview window could not be fully displayed when the mouse pointer was placed on the task display in the taskbar.
    • We fixed an issue where pressing ESC or clicking on the desktop did not resolve the preview pane of open applications if you focused on it after pressing WIN + T.
    • We have fixed an issue where, when you rotate your computer in portrait and then landscape mode, application icons may not appear in the taskbar when there is free space.
  • Parameters:
    • We fixed an issue that was preventing the launch of the settings. If you were injured on a previous flight, check here.
    • We fixed a noticeable hiccup in the animation when closing Quick Settings and Message Center by clicking on the corresponding icons in the taskbar.
    • We fixed an issue where the Quick Settings and Message Center windows had no shadow.
    • We have fixed an issue where you could not launch Quick Setups by keyboard clicking on it in the taskbar and pressing Enter.
    • We fixed an issue where quick settings were not displayed correctly if you had cleared all settings except volume.
    • We fixed an issue where Focus Assist could be activated unexpectedly.
    • We fixed an issue with the touch keyboard animation when resizing in settings.
    • We fixed an issue where a checkbox without text unexpectedly appeared in the Face Recognition section of the Connection Options settings.
    • We have fixed an issue where the Disable Business or School Account button in the account settings was not working.
    • We fixed an issue where there was a switch without text in the lock screen settings.
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the advanced settings page header could be missing from the Windows Update section of Settings.
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the Windows privacy settings at the bottom of Privacy and Security > Search Permissions in Settings were not working.
    • We fixed an issue where the Open Navigation button could overlap other text.
    • Fixed an issue where settings were getting stuck when applying a theme in Contrasts.
    • We have fixed an issue where some parts of the settings for some non-English languages were unexpectedly displayed in English.
  • File Management :
    • We fixed an issue where pinning and unfolding applications from Startup didn’t work, the File Explorer command line disappeared, and socket layouts didn’t appear unexpectedly until you restarted the computer.
    • We have fixed an issue where items in the File Explorer title bar could be unreadable due to low contrast.
    • We have fixed an issue that could cause some icons in the File Explorer context menu to become blurry.
    • We have fixed an issue where the Show More menu in the File Explorer command line was not turned off when you clicked Options.
    • We fixed an issue that was preventing the creation of a new folder on the desktop.
  • Research:
    • We fixed an issue that sometimes caused gray boxes to appear in the search instead of application icons.
    • We fixed an issue that caused Search to miss the first keystroke when you press the Windows key and start typing.
    • Fixed an issue where the mouse pointer above the search icon in the taskbar did not load the third most recent search and remained blank.
    • We fixed an issue where searching for Windows Update opened the settings, but did not lead to the Windows Update settings page.
  • Widgets :
    • We fixed an issue where the system text scale was proportionally scaling all widgets, which could result in truncated widgets.
    • Fixed an issue where widgets sometimes did not display content correctly when using the screen reader/narrator.
    • We fixed an issue where resizing the silver widget could cause nothing to appear in the bottom half of the widget.
  • Other:
    • We fixed a memory leak that was noticeable in one of the C# print examples.
    • We have fixed an issue that causes an error in Safe Mode: 0xc00005 – Unexpected Settings.
    • We fixed two issues that could cause explorer.exe to crash in a loop when the screen language was set to Russian or when multiple input methods were enabled.
    • We fixed an issue where minimizing a window to full screen and then restoring it could cause an error check in win32kfull.
    • We have fixed an issue where some WSL users were getting an invalid parameter message when opening a Windows terminal.
    • Fixed an issue causing windows to blur when using ALT + Tab.
    • We have fixed an issue where the taskbar was flashing when users of the corrected IME used ALT + Tab.
    • Fixed an issue that affected the reliability of the user interface display when WIN + spacebar was used to change the input method.
    • We fixed an issue that affected the reliability of voice input.
    • Fixed an issue where the option New snapshot after X seconds did not work in Snip & Sketch.

Known issues

Finally, there is a list of known problems.

  • If you are upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or installing an upgrade to Windows 11, some features may be obsolete or deleted.
  • Begin:
    • In some cases, you cannot enter text when using the Startup search or the Taskbar. If you experience this problem, press WIN + R on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog box, then close it.
  • Taskbar :
    • The taskbar sometimes flashes when the input method is changed.
    • Dragging an application icon to change its position on the taskbar launches or minimizes the application.
  • Parameters:
    • A brief green flash may appear when you start the Settings application.
    • When using Quick Settings to change accessibility settings, the settings interface may not save the selected state.
  • File Management :
    • The new command line may not appear if the Open folder in separate process option is enabled in the Options > View File Management menu.
    • The exe loops on the insiders with a Turkish display are blocked when the battery charge is 100%.
    • When you right-click on the desktop or in File Explorer, the context menu and submenu that appear may extend partially off-screen.
  • Research:
    • After tapping the search icon on the taskbar, the search bar may not open. In this case, restart Windows Explorer and open the search window again.
    • Hovering over the search icon in the taskbar may not display recent searches. To solve this problem, restart your computer.
    • The search bar may appear black and show no content below the search bar.
  • Widgets :
    • The widget panel may appear empty. To get around this, you can log out and then log back in.
    • Running links from a widget array may not bring applications to the foreground.
    • If you use the Outlook client with a Microsoft account, changes in Calendar and Tasks may not be synchronized in real time with the widgets.
    • Widgets may not display properly sized on external monitors. In this case, by touching or pressing WIN + W, you can launch the widgets first on the current computer screen and then on additional monitors.
    • After quickly adding various widgets from the widget settings, some widgets may not be visible on the map.
  • Loading:
    • The configuration button may not yet work in some limited scenarios.
    • Ratings and reviews are not available for some applications.
  • Windows Security
    • Device protection unexpectedly displays the message Default hardware protection is not supported for Insiders with supported hardware.
    • The auto sample power supply is suddenly disabled when the computer is restarted.

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