Where to Find Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact you will need Fir Wood for constructing new ships and buildings. Fir Wood can be found in the following locations. Blog Body: Forest – Genshin Impact has two forest terrains: Fir Forest and Pine Forest. Fir Forest terrain can be found on the map biome called Taiga. Pine Forest terrain can be found on the map biome called Cold Taiga.

Fir Wood is a material that is commonly used to create weapons with a high level of durability. However, Fir Wood is also a material that is fairly resistant to the elements and is easily usable by just about anyone, making it a popular material for beginner players. However, Fir Wood doesn’t grow on trees, so finding Fir Wood that you can actually use can be difficult. However, there is a method for finding Fir Wood that works just about anywhere.

Spruces, or Faber spruces as the folks at Teiwat call them, share many characteristics with pines. From these trees you can harvest pine, a valuable material needed to make furniture for the Serenitea pot (requirement: adventure grade 35). This concise guide will help you become a spruce picking expert and identify the characteristics of the Faber spruce and where to find it at Genshin Impact.

Definition of Faber spruce characteristics

Faber firs, like pines, are pointed and triangular. The difference is that Faber fir has a larger, fuller and denser structure than pine. In other words: The fir has a lot of space between the branches, while the Faber fir is full of branches and leaves. Here are some other characteristics of this tree:

  • The bark is earthy brown, often with toothed spines on the trunk.
  • The trunk of a tree may be thin or thick, but there is always a prominent part of the trunk before the branches and leaves appear. This makes it look like a giant triangle rising from the ground in a rising line.
  • It has very sharp leaves that look like pine needles.
  • It belongs to the larger tree species, is usually quite tall and wide.

Where to find a spruce forest and trees in Genshin Impact

According to the game’s archive notes, the Faber spruce can be found in abundance on Galesong Hill and in the Starfell Valley. One of our favorite places for pine trees is the trail near Dawn Winery. You can see this route in the picture below. Follow our list of other sites below for more options. Other locations:

  • The Faber firs surround the area around the Midsummerhof estate.
  • On the road to Dragonspine Mountain (aka: the main road on the map between Springvale and Windrise), there are several farms.
  • Make sure you get to the teleportation point south of Brightcrown Canyon. As you can see on the picture below, there are many Fever Firs here.
  • Finally, look at the area west of Cecilia’s garden estate.

How to collect spruce in Genshin’s battle

Collect up to 3 pieces of wood from each tree by simply attacking it with your weapon. For the fastest results, it is recommended to use a character with a weapon. This type of weapon attacks quickly and has a long range. Reminder: If several trees are hit at once, only one piece of wood (instead of one piece of wood from each tree) will fall.

Spruce reserve use

Trees in Genshin Impact renew their wood after a certain time or after collecting a certain number of pieces of wood (apparently, if you cut down a dozen trees, all the trees you cut down before that renew). Nevertheless, due to the number of fever trees available in the game, it is quite easy to get a lot of wood quickly. Cooperative mode offers an additional way to get spruce. You can collect wood in the worlds of other players. It doesn’t really speed up wood collection, but you can earn some achievements by collecting a certain number of items in another player’s world (if you haven’t already).

Why do pine trees grow?

It is expected that there will be a high demand for at least 15 different pieces of furniture, with pine as the preferred material. It is probably one of the most useful woods to collect, based on the number of furniture pieces you can make with it. Indoor furnishings that can be made from pine include moon houses, fruit/toy stands, fountains, tea tables, lamp posts, shelves, vines and cabins (made from hay or other material). In short, it is a tree that deserves to be cut down.

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